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We’re not sure if you’ve noticed but Taylor Swift is having a moment – and it’s a pretty big moment. In fact, a record-breaking £1 billion moment - courtesy of her global Eras Tour which is taking place across a massive 21-month stretch.

Some might say Tay-Tay seems to be everywhere right now.

Whether you’re a die-hard Swiftie or just enjoy a themed bash, creating a party inspired by Taylor Swift is not only bang on trend, it will also make for an unforgettable event.

Taylor Swift has a fantastic universal appeal, which means a themed party is great for all ages: whether that’s little ones who love to bop to Shake It Out; teens who are more into her ethereal Folklore album; or adults who have been through all the different Taylors since her debut in 2006.

Follow these steps to plan a Swiftie soiree in Style, that will leave your guests Enchanted and eager to re-live the magic of the Eras Tour.

1. Which Era?

Choose which version of Taylor you want to replicate, e.g. the country ingenue from Fearless, the vampy siren from Reputation, or the softness and pastels from her Lover era. Or mix them all up, for a party that takes inspiration from all the different Taylor eras.

Capture the essence of Taylor Swift’s aesthetic: vintage, whimsical, and chic. Use soft pastel colours, floral designs, and definitely include some glitter and sparkle.

 2. Decor: Creating a Taylor Wonderland

Transform your Blank Space into a Taylor Swift wonderland using thoughtful decorations. We worked together with outdoor party planners, Canvas Belles, to achieve that perfect Swiftie vibe:

Lighting and Ambience 



- Luxe Gold Disco Balls String Lights: Hang these around the party area or lay them in the centre of a table to add a touch of glam and sparkle, reminiscent of Taylor’s dazzling costumes and performances.

- Boho Solar Lantern Round Pink: Place these lanterns strategically to create a warm, inviting glow. They’re perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, adding a bohemian twist to your decor.

We chose to hang them in the trees with our White Paper Fan Decorations. You could also opt for our Blue and White Paper Fan Decorations which throw a nod to Tay-Tay's Midnights era.

Table Centrepieces


We went for a low wooden table and added some apple crates to create the rustic and naturalistic tone from the Folklore / Evermore era.

We used:

- Large Glass Bud Vase: Fill these elegant vases with wildflowers or roses to capture the romantic essence of Taylor’s lyrics. Arrange them in small groups of vases playing with different heights and with different accent flowers to create a cohesive yet boho look.

- Pink Mushroom Glass Candle Holder & Bud Vase: These dual-purpose holders can be used for candles or additional flowers. Their unique design will add a whimsical, fairy-tale element to your decor.

We also added a variety of different candles and candle holders to make a warm and cosy setting, as the party goes into the evening. Here are the ones we chose:

Warm Coloured Spiral Candles - 4 Pack
Warm Coloured Spiral Candles - 4 Pack £21.00
2 Tone Ombre Pink Dinner Candles - 2 Pack
2 Tone Ombre Pink Dinner Candles - 2 Pack £14.00
Pink Glass Candlestick Holder
Pink Glass Candlestick Holder £8.00
Geometric Small Pink Glass Candle Holder
Geometric Small Pink Glass Candle Holder £10.00
Geometric Pink Glass Candlestick Holder
Geometric Pink Glass Candlestick Holder £14.00

Bunting and More


- Luxe Pink Glitter Bunting: Drape this bunting along walls, tables, or even across doorways to infuse the space with a bit of sparkle and fun. It’s an easy way to make the space feel festive and in line with Taylor’s glamorous side.

Additional Accessories


We used soft throws, and cushions with co-ordinating prints and patterns to give a co-ordinated hipster feel, that doesn’t feel too matchy-matchy.

You could also consider using one of our Outdoor Rugs as a great base for your setting.

We also added a gorgeous acoustic guitar and a record player to really channel our inner Swiftie.

3. Dress Code: Channelling Taylor’s 'Style'



Encourage your guests to dress up in their favourite Taylor-inspired outfits. Whether it’s her sparkly body suits, a purple dress from her Speak Now era, or "that red lip, tight little skirt" 1989 look, there’s a Taylor era for everyone to draw inspiration from.

For Taylor's boho chic ensembles, wearing flowers in your hair is a must, or our Rose Star Headband looks incredibly glam and is a great item for dress-up or as a party favour.

You can even host a mini fashion show during the party, allowing everyone to showcase their Swiftie style.

4. Music: The Ultimate Taylor Swift Playlist


A Taylor Swift party wouldn’t be complete without a playlist featuring all her greatest hits.

Create a mix that spans her entire career, from her early country days to her latest pop anthems. If you’re not so familiar with her work, here are a few must-have tracks:

- Love Story

- Shake It Off

- Blank Space

- Cardigan

- Exile

- Lover

If you have some talented musicians among your guests, invite them to play their own renditions of Taylor’s songs or consider setting up a karaoke machine so guests can sing along to their favourite Taylor tunes. It’s a fun activity that will keep the energy high and everyone entertained.

5. Food and Drinks: Taylor-Inspired Treats


Create a menu inspired by Taylor’s favourite foods and some creative interpretations of her lyrics and albums. Here are some ideas:

Snacks and Canapes 

- Afternoon Tea Sandwiches: An elegant nod to Taylor’s predilection for all things English.

- Heart-Shaped Biscuits: Decorate with lyrics or symbols from her songs.

Main Course

- Homemade Pizza: Taylor has been known to enjoy a good slice of pizza, making it a fun and casual main dish option. Margherita pizza is always a favourite and, y’know, never goes out of style…


- Red Velvet Cupcakes: A sweet nod to her album “Red.”

- Lover-Themed Cake: Decorate a cake with pastel colours and heart motifs inspired by her album “Lover.” 


- Lavender Lemonade: A refreshing, floral drink that throws a nod to her song Lavender Haze and matches the aesthetic.

- Pink Champagne / Nozecco: For a more grown-up option, reminiscent of Taylor’s glamorous moments. Serve in vintage champagne coupes.

As serveware, we also used our recyclable Pastel Paper Cups and Pink Scalloped Paper Plates on top of our Pink Raffia Placemats for a refined look.


Read more:

6. Activities: Keeping the Party Lively

Keep your guests entertained with activities that celebrate Taylor’s career and personality.

Trivia Quiz

Test your guests’ knowledge with a Taylor Swift trivia quiz. Prepare questions about her songs, albums, awards, and personal life. Offer fun Swiftie-themed prizes for the winners.

For a more general music quiz, try our Music Trivia Game - a pocket-sized quiz in a box, in case not everyone at the party is a die-hard Taylor fan.

DIY Lyric Station

Set up a station with blank canvases, markers, and paint. Encourage guests to write or draw their favourite Taylor Swift lyrics. This activity doubles as a creative outlet and a fun keepsake for guests to take home.

Photo Booth


Create a photo booth with props related to Taylor’s music videos and album covers. Include items like red lipstick, cat ears, heart-shaped sunglasses, and more. This will provide a fun way for guests to capture memories from the party.

But even if you don’t do this, teenagers are great at taking selfies and won’t need much encouragement to take photos of your fantastic event!

7. Party Favours: Thanking Your Guests 


Send your guests home with Taylor Swift-themed party favours as a token of appreciation for celebrating with you. Some ideas include:

- Personalised Taylor Swift Fan Friendship Bracelets: They've been synonymous with the Eras Tour, where fans make friendship bracelets and swap them with each other at the concert. Recreate this at home with your own homemade friendship bracelets using beads and charms.

- Pink Glass Bud Vases: As a nod to the party decor, give guests a small bud vase - like those we used in the shoot - that they can use at home.

- Rose Star Headbands: Fab for during the party and channelling Taylor, and perfect for a keepsake afterwards.

Look What You Made Me Do


Throwing a Taylor Swift party is all about capturing the magic and fantasy of her world and celebrating strong friendships.

Following our simple steps, and with some thoughtful planning and attention to detail you can create an enchanting experience that your guests will remember forever.

So put on your favourite Taylor Swift album, gather your BFFs, and get ready to host the ultimate Swiftie celebration!

With thanks to Julie at Canvas Belles and Terri at du Bois Photography for helping us style and shoot this guide.

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