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Pastel Paper Cups - 8 Pack


Original price: £4.75 Each
About these 'Recyclable Pastel Cups’:
Swirl your favourite drink into one of these pastel coloured recyclable cups, a perfect colour range for hazy disco days and magical themed birthdays. Use these party cups for all manner of parties from back garden BBQ's to kid’s parties or baby shower celebrations.

Cup size: 250ml
Pack size: 8 paper cups - 2x pink cups, 2x blue cups, 2x green cups, 2x yellow cups

Why we love these 'Recyclable Pastel Cups’:
Our pastel cups are a versatile bit of party tableware that can be mixed and matched with many other items in our party ranges. They go especially well with other muted colours, but make a gorgeous touch of colour in an otherwise clean and crisp tablescape.

How to dispose of these 'Recyclable Pastel Cups’:
Did you know the plastic or wax coatings used in most “paper” cups mean they’re always going to end up in landfill? Our home recyclable eco cups are different. We don’t use plastic or wax so recycling them is that much simpler and easier. After your celebrations, just give your cups and rinse and put both the cups and their packaging into the recycling bin at home. Voila, their eco-journey has begun again.

Product: Widely Recycled
Packaging: Widely Recycled

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Plastic Free

There's no plastic in this product, how fantastic.

Home Recyclable

Recycle me and I'll be created into something new.


Plastic Free

There's no plastic in this packaging, how fantastic.

Home Recyclable

Recycle me and I'll be created into something new.

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