Trudy's Table - Daniel's Outdoor Boho Soiree

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Each month one host gathers together colleagues from across the business to laugh, chat and get to know each other better. We call this Trudy’s Table. The host will choose their theme based on a Talking Tables range and build their table using these products plus additional props right here in London.

This month’s Trudy’s Table was hosted by Daniel, Head of Buying. Daniel chose our Boho range as the theme for his Trudy’s Table and was inspired by summer festivals and the upcycling trend of using palettes to create a table.

We interviewed Daniel to find out a little bit more. 

trudy's table gathering boho party as featured on talking tables blog

Did you enjoy the experience of hosting your gathering? 

It was great. When I was given the opportunity to throw a gathering an outdoor theme was always going to be my preference. I love getting friends together any time of the year, however particularly in summer

Living in London, space can often be tight therefore an outdoor setting allows a more relaxed, free flowing setting. An outdoor boho soiree theme was therefore perfect for this. I am also a huge fan of summer festivals, so wanted to give a nod to this with the use of vibrant colours and textures. With a folk playlist to bring the festival mood to life. 

It was great to bring colleagues together across multi-functional teams, and spend time chatting, eating and enjoying the sun! Once the food was out of the way we spend the afternoon playing our dipsticks games including charades, jokes, names and dares. Topped off by a few rounds of ‘heads up’.

talking tables boho garden gathering party as featured on talking tales blog

What made it extra special for you?

The palettes! The use of the palettes added an extra dynamic to the event. It was a perfect way of creating a central focus of the gathering and lent itself perfectly to the boho theme.

Food is also an important part of any gathering for me. A mixture of fresh salads, meat platters, and fruit worked really well. The glazed pork belly bites were a big crowd pleaser. Plus of course the weather!

talking tables boho gathering garden party as featured on talking tables blog

What impact did Talking Tables' product have on the table?

With the boho theme in mind we used the Global Gathering rug and seat cushion. Both worked well in complimenting the theme. The cushions acted as perfect seat props.  Having guests that feel relaxed for me is essential to any good gathering. The rug is also a great practical addition to an outdoor gathering but is also a real statement piece with its bright vibrant colours.

talking tables gathering boho party as featured on talking tables blog

Who would you dream guest from history be?

I would have to cheat slightly and invite a couple which would be the Obamas.

talking tables boho gathering party as featured on talking tables blog

We'll be sharing more Trudy's Table gatherings soon!

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