A Very Boho Christmas

While we love the classic tables of red, green gold and silver for the day itself, Talking Tables' Amber believes that the run-up to Christmas, where you may be hosting gatherings for family, friends or colleagues, is a great time to look for alternative sources of inspiration.

Taking inspiration from maximalism, art nouveau prints, and nature, this boho tablescape captures an atmosphere of seasonal festivity very different to the traditional Christmas tables we’re used to. I wanted this table to almost feel like a set for a film – enchanting, beautiful and extraordinary. This range is brand new and will be able to be purchased by the public this coming Spring. 


We shot this table at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, in their beautiful Kitchen and dining space. In the centre of the room is a large square table with a beautiful natural wood table top, surrounded by an assortment of wicker chairs. The contemporary, rustic style of the space was perfect for the kind of boho feel I wanted to capture for this table.


With maximalist décor being a key theme, I used lots of our candles and string lights for decoration and to create a cosy and magical atmosphere. These twinkling lights and flickering flames reflected off the candlestick holders, glass bud vases and silver serving bowls to make the whole table feel as though it was glittering.


In the centre of the table I placed an assortment of our honeycombs. Their gold glittery edges caught the light beautifully and their rich green colour matched the palette we were working with perfectly. The gorgeous jewel-toned stems were purchased from our local florist, Blossom & Threads. The dusky blues and vivid pinks match the colours from the tablecloth, velvet ribbons and fruits we used, giving the table a feeling of cohesion despite its maximalism.

The charm of this table is in its novelty and fantastical appearance. It may not be a setting you’d lay out regularly, and it may not be the most practical if you’re having a large meal, but for a cosy evening of seasonal drinks and tasty nibbles with friends, it’s a great way of crafting a fun, memorable atmosphere. Follow our step by step guide to create your own:


 Spend some time looking through Pinterest, Instagram or some interior design magazines for tablescape inspiration. Consider how you can use items you already own.


 We used a tablecloth with an intricate, art nouveau-style print, setting it at a slight angle to allow glimpses of the rustic wood table beneath to show through. The wicker placemats complemented the woven chairs, adding to the overall rustic, boho aesthetic of the table. 


 To balance the table’s maximalism, we opted for plain white plates, however, feel free to experiment with coloured or printed plates if you have them. We layered the plates with our Mistletoe print napkins and some DIY velvet ribbons in shades that matched our key palette.


 Our flowers and foliage were carefully chosen with our colour scheme and theme in mind. The delicate, dusky blue ferns and thistles alongside orange and purple berries capture a unique yet seasonal feel.


 A key component of this table was it’s lighting. We used several of our Gold String Lights, alongside lots of our dinner candles and coloured candle holders. The glass candle holders and bud vases caught the reflections of the candles and string lights, multiplying their effect - the result is a table that feels like it’s glowing.


 Consider how your food and drink can double up as decorations. We scattered our table with halved pomegranates, leafy clementines and bowls of fresh berries displayed in our silver boho bowls.

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By Amber Latham 

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