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In our last blog post Sibling Distillery's Cicely gave us a de-licious Autumn Gin Spritz recipe you simply must try this season (it's super simple too!)

We love this small but mighty family-run business and wanted to find out a bit more from Cicely about the brand...


Please could we get a whistle-stop history of how Sibling Distillery came to be?

We (me and my three siblings) started the distillery just after we left school in 2014. We had grown up with parents who had always run small businesses in one area or another but most recently a microbrewery, making craft ales. By the time we left school we had already started thinking about how we could work together to open a distillery and despite the fact that we were 15, 18, 19 and 21 we were able to get a distilling license based on our family history in the industry. We taught ourselves to distill and started a business with the smallest budget and in the smallest space possible. We're grown from there, through three different distillery sights and from one product to seventeen. We're still 100% family owned and have a small team but manage to produce and ship our products all over the world and pride ourselves on using the same methods we did on day one to run a truly artisan and eco-conscious business.

Apart from creating delicious gin what else does Sibling distillery have to offer? 

Funnily enough, considering we were a bunch of self-taught teenagers in the distilling world when we started we now consult to other brands and create recipes for some much bigger companies than us. We've developed a specific set of processes and skills within our team to create really luxurious spirits that can't be replicated by companies who mass produce, so we have a little USP there. We also run distillery tours, corporate events and even things like hen parties. The biggest project on our horizon is the opening of our first cocktail and wine bar, Our House, coming early 2023!

What is your idea of the perfect night in with friends/family this autumn?

We love cooking and eating, we get pretty excited about flavours and naturally we're a bit competitive, so I think Felix, Digby and I would all say cooking up a big feast for our parents, family and friends and drinking G&T's and wine. I think it's fair to say that Clarice would prefer the eating to the cooking but she'd bring her beautiful kids, whom we all adore, so that more than makes up for it. We love a game too, which usually comes after dinner alongside a cheeseboard.

What gin would you suggest enjoying as winter nights creep in?

The Autumn edition is perfect at this time of year as it has a hint of sweetness and spice so it's lovely and warming but still refreshing as a G&T should be.

What’s next for the business?

Keep honing our craft and spreading the word in our little corner of the gin market! It would be unrealistic for me to say that the next year or so will be straight forward. Most small businesses are being presented with a huge amount of obstacles at the moment so continuing to build our business in these times isn't going to be easy but we work very hard, so we will continue doing what we do, producing spirits that we know people love and we're really looking forward to the new project of opening our first bar!

Where can everyone find you? 

We're on siblingdistillery.com, @siblingdistillery on instagram, Sibling Distillery on TikTok.

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