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With the arrival of summer comes the thrill of festivals! Last year we all missed out on enjoying summer festivals, from big organised events where you dance in crowds of thousands, to smaller mini festivals put on yourself, complete with bright decorations and crafts! This year we are seeing a trend of mini-festivals as we all enjoy gathering again with friends and loved ones, and what better way to celebrate than creating your own bright, fun festival atmosphere!

This summer the team at Talking Tables are putting on our very own Festival Of Freedom. Set in the beautiful Cotswolds we have all sorts of exciting plans to make it amazing. So why not plan your very own mini festival along with us? We’ll be providing insight into all elements of our set up, from the creative decorations, music, feasting and suppliers behind the scenes. Keep up to date with our festival prep in the run up by following us on Instagram and keeping an eye on this page.

6 weeks to go – DIY Flag Making
At Talking Tables we love to learn new skills so we jumped at the opportunity to unleash our creativity and get stuck into some arts and crafts! Tie dye expert Leona from ‘Artists Resource’ hosted a creative workshop to teach us how to make our very own bright and beautiful festival flags and bunting, which will be strung up around our festival site! We loved trying out new techniques and the team created a wonderful array of colours and patterns. We can’t wait to hang up the flags and add some fun colour on Festival day!!

5 weeks to go – Eco-friendly Festival Product
We care about going green and take every opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment. From design to distribution, Talking Tables has created a whole variety of fun, recyclable and reusable eco products. From recyclable cups to colourful fabric bunting and boho macrame garlands; we plan to weave these products into our festival set up to make it feel like the real deal!

4 weeks to go – Music
Music is at the heart of every festival and holds a special place in the hearts of many of our own team. From the pyramid stage at Glastonbury to the local open mic night - music evokes some of our favourite memories from summers gone by. We wanted to play our part in supporting the music industry by reaching out to some budding local musicians and asking them to perform at our Festival of Freedom! We have had great success and will even feature one of our very own on stage!

3 weeks to go – Wellbeing
As much as we can’t wait to feast and dance to our hearts desire, we also want to take the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate after a stressful year. We’ll be stretching our minds as well as our bodies at the festival with insightful talks and wellbeing activities to ensure we are all feeling our best! From yoga and massage to eco discussion about saving the bees, you’ll be sure to feel great by the end of this.

2 weeks to go – Did somebody say Gin?
Where there is a party there is always gin! Or at least that’s what we believe here at Talking Tables! For our festival we have collaborated with Sibling Distillery – a local family run distillery located in Cheltenham. We’ll be taking a deep dive into the distillery process as we take a tour of the site and of course enjoying a sneaky sample of our favourites!

1 week to go – Meet the Organiser
At Talking Tables, we love planning a party! But we had never hosted our very own festival before. Luckily, with the help of expert organiser Laura Randles, who has been planning and running events for many years, we have planned the most exciting Talking Tables event yet! We asked her to share some insight into the festival industry whilst she gave us some great advice to inspire anyone looking to become a successful events planner!

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