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Have you heard of Still Here Still Life? If not you need to follow the Instagram account immediately. Set up Zena Kay and Tess Smith-Roberts, the account offers a weekly still life drawing challenge. Each week Still Here Still Life posts a ‘prompt’ image of a still life. This invites anyone and everyone to recreate it in any way they interpret. Artists from across the world create the image in a multitude of media and styles, from sketches to watercolour, digital graphics or animation.

We were so pleased that Still Here Still Life wanted to use one of our favourite festive images as a prompt. Full of colour and bold shapes, the bright Christmas table was clearly a hit with the account's following and we started to see the amazing work being submitted of artists’ interpretations.


Here are a few of our favourites:


By Ashley Letourneau - @moody.marks

This submission stood out to us immediately. We love the unique use of media and the attention to detail on the products. Ashley said she loved working with the image as it’s so festive, colourful and intricate. She’s actually selling her gorgeous interpretation over on her Etsy shop here

By Eugenia Murillo – @artstudiobyem

How gorgeous are these colours? Eugenia grew up in Mexico with a house full of art, and several of her family members are also artists. She said she has loved creating since she was little, especially drawing and painting. Having studied graphic design she is now focused on Illustration. At the moment she’s much more involved in digital illustration but continues experimenting with the classic techniques like watercolour, acrylic and gouache and editing them digitally.

Check out more of her work here 

By Alexandra - @what.alexdesigns

We love this unique style. Alex expressed that she was drawn to the neon colours and flowers within our image, and loved the details and arrangement of the table. So much so that it was hard to choose what to integrate into her design. It inspired her to want to create her own celebration table this Christmas, which is great news! Make sure to head over to her instagram to have a look.


By Leah Sweeney - @lala_drawingz

We were immediately drawn to the colour palette Leah chose to use in her design, and the big stars lining the top - so bold and beautiful! Leah said she loved working with the image and experimenting with the variety of colours. Her artistic talent can be seen all across her Instagram. 

By Jessie Wong - @jessiewart

How delicious does the food look in this interpretation by Jessie, and again we love the colour choices. Jessie is a Hong Kong Illustrator based in the UK. She says her designs make use of bright colours to bring life and fantasy to the work. She hopes that through painting more people will feel the love a beauty of the world, and passed on to others. What a lovely sentiment! 

 Head over to the Still Here Still Life instagram account to see all the amazing entries, and even try your hand at one of the challenges! 

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