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As the world slowly begins to open up again after months of lockdown we are excited to be having positive conversations with other brands and businesses who are as keen to get people back together and gathering as we are. Recently we were approached by Marble Private – wedding and event planners, who wanted to discuss being more eco-conscious with events and what we have been working on. Talking Tables’ Beth chatted through some of new, exciting eco products and shared some tips on being more planet-friendly when gathering this summer...

Marble Private said:


Earlier this week we saw a day of reflection across the country as we approached one year since the beginning of lockdown. In that year, one of the most marked observations was the reduction in CO2 emissions, with dolphins feeding in the canals of Venice and the Himalyan peaks visible from Northern Punjab for the first time in decades. We want to keep up this momentum once weddings and parties return, in an industry that is notoriously wasteful.

We struck up the conversation with Beth from Talking Tables – one of our brilliant wedding and party suppliers – who are making steps to produce less waste with eco-friendly alternatives. She says, “As with almost all businesses across the country we were initially apprehensive as to how the pandemic would affect us but we are excited and proud to have taken big steps into expanding and improving our product ranges to not only create more and better choices for our customers, but also more sustainable and eco-friendly options.” Read on to hear more of our fun and guilt-free sustainable party solutions…

#1 You’re invited

There should be no excuse to go paperless. Sending a digital invite is #totally2021, and there are plenty of options to help you create beautiful, personalised invites for any event, from birthdays through to weddings and christenings. Not only are paperless invites much less hassle, they’re far less time-consuming, and make RSVP-ing easy. A green alternative to make everyone’s lives a little easier! 

#2 No plastic please

For as long as we can remember, parties have typically involved a lot of plastic when it comes to decorations and tableware. These products always look bright and beautiful but have always had that added touch of guilt when clearing up and putting everything into the bin. Why not opt for upcycled tableware, such as used wine bottles and dried, seasonal flowers? Or wood carvings to hold canapes, instead of reams of plastic plates? 

#3 No excuse for single use

Going one step further: incorporate reusable party elements. It’s no secret that we all want a good boogie once the lockdown has been lifted, so this will give you another excuse to party over and over and over again. Not that you needed one. 

At Marble Private, we’ve built pergola structures to fit perfectly into a client’s garden that is then reused year upon year, and we’ve shipped in food in compostable, plastic-free packaging to reduce waste post-event. It’s these small ideas that make a big difference. Check out this inspiring article by CLO, Darren, on how to contend with plastic at events that demand a durable outcome.

Talking Tables too, have long been using their plastic free and reusable tableware, perfect for children’s parties and for the eco-conscious family. “We wanted to create products that can last many uses. Once the party is over you are often left with lots of delicious food and treats that can be saved and enjoyed later. Instead of wrapping these in plastic cling film we have created our own beeswax wraps, which are made in the UK with 100% pure cotton coated in beeswax and naturally antibacterial.” So, who wants a slice of cake for the ride home?

#4 All in the details

Hosting an eco-friendly party doesn’t mean you need to be completely off the grid to feel guilt-free. Even swapping out small details, such as plastic straws for paper alternatives, can have a long-term impact. 

One way to increase longevity to your event is to include decorations that can be gifted to guests, for example potted flowers over cut stem, or name place cards on paper that is made entirely of seeds – ready to planted in the guest’s garden! That’s one way to create a lasting impact on both your friends and family, and the environment. 



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