Talking Tables Staff's Favourite Memories About Festivals

Daniel - Freedom

Festivals are a complete escape from everyday life, and chance to really live in the moment without the usual distractions. Festivals give you the freedom and confidence to relax, and be surrounded by like minded people. Dance of course forms a huge part of this. I love the fact there is no judgement. You may not be the best dancer, but you feel free to let yourself go. I can honestly say that I have had some of my most happiest summer days at festivals, Glastonbury being my favourite. I look forward to dancing in the fields Somerset next year!

Clare - Flower Crowns

My memories are about being swept into another world as soon as one enters the festival fields - removing oneself from the realities of everyday life. Instead entering a new world of tents, fluttering flags, colour, tattoos, glitter and wispy clothing;  with the luxury of time to chill, watch and wander.I loved watching the multitude of flower crowns, both real and artificial, pass by in the swathes of smiling faces. To fully immerse myself, I attended a flower crown making event at Wilderness and was able to wear my creation to an extravagant sharing feast that night. Happy Times.

Mark - Food

The Wilderness experience was one of sharing feasting menus on long tables with total strangers, some of whom we met up on subsequent nights. There was an array of celebrity chefs on display including Angela Hartnett and Petersham Nurseries. Plenty of wine was flowing! Alex James Big Feastival featured the Friday Night Supper Club, a beautiful al fresco dining space, hosting a chef collaboration between Robin Gill (The Dairy), James Lowe (Lyle’s), Anna Haugh (Myrtle) and Helen Goh (Ottolenghi).

Sophie - Face Glitter & Chilling

If I was going to host my own festival this summer, I would love to recreate the glitter station that me and my friends set up around our tents, before we went to watch one of the headliners at Glastonbury. We took it in turns to dust glitter pieces across our festival sun-kissed cheek bones, checking out our new look in our compact mirrors and then posing for photos. Some of the boys even got involved too! This year, I will paint my own face with glitter and enjoy chilling, with a campfire, in my own back garden whilst watching some of the past years Glastonbury highlights.

Jocelyn - Drinking With Pals

If I could recreate anything, it’s ideally a moment when the sun is getting ready to set; I’m with my favourite people, the first headliners are gearing up to play, I’ve been out in the sun all day; meeting new people, dancing and chatting – with a pint in my hand. This year I would set up a bar in my garden, like at a festival…but without the queues! Fairy lights round the laptop as I watch my favourite glasto performance and reminisce.

Kate - Twinkling Lights

My favourite part is always that time of day, when the sun is setting on a (hopefully) long sunny day, and the lights around start to twinkle. The festival becomes a magical place of light and colour, and the music always feel that much more impactful as your eyes are drawn to the bright lights of the stage.   I will always remember at our Silverbury festival last year, we all dressed up with LED straight lights and hair lights as the sun went down.

Rosie - Swimming & Morning Yoga 

I love the fact that festivals have evolved so much over the years, it's not just about the music anymore, there’s so much more. Waking up and going for a swim in the lake, or an early morning yoga class to set you up for the day. It’s such a great community to be in; no-one  worrying about stresses at home, everyone is so happy and relaxed, enjoying living in the moment.

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