Plastic Free July - Beeswax wraps

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In a bid to reduce plastic use in the kitchen, many people are choosing to use beeswax wraps over cling film. They make great gifts and are a great simple swap for anyone wanting to start an eco-journey.

Bees wax wraps are:

  • 100% PURE COTTON


We’re very excited to be launching our own beeswax wraps this year.  We asked our supplier, Aida, about her business and why she started producing beeswax wrap. Read her story here:

“We are a small family business based in UK Kent. It all started after welcoming our 4th son in 2016. Living in a small cottage we were tight with space and it didn't take long to notice bags full of nappies and waste piling up! With regular visits from foxes and seagulls our rubbish was always dragged on road curbs whilst awaiting the binmen. At that point I decided that something needs to be done. I started heavily researching on how to reduce household waste and came across Beeswax Food Wraps. However, these came with a hefty price tag and being a large family, this was at the bottom of the priority list, so I decided to make some myself. It took me around 6months to perfect my first perfect beeswax food wrap and since things have never been the same.

I felt like there must be lots of people in my shoes that they want to make a difference in their habits and want to protect the nature, but the price tag was too high. I started making these affordable to everyone and selling on eBay and the next minute it exploded! And here I am now, making these at a large scale in the industrial unit, however still lots of love and care goes into making the wraps.”

We’d love to know if you would make the swap to beeswax wraps, leave us a comment below.

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