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We invited some of our favourite influencers to celebrate International Women’s Day with us. Taking inspiration from our Phenomenal Women gift collection here’s what they had to say.

“I shall be burning this candle bright, the words couldn’t be any more relevant and poignant with what I see going on in the world currently. I see women being RESILIENT, I see women being BRAVE, I see women showing COMPASSION. Women are strong and will do what they need to, to protect, forge and push forward and all whilst being undervalued and underestimated. Something women have been doing for centuries and we continue to do. Burn bright ladies.”


“I was having a teensy weensy wobble this week - time was getting away from me, I had no time to get through the ever growing list of jobs and the imbalance was making me feel uneasy. So I had a bit of a word with myself - you can’t do it all, all of the time. I took the day off work and instantly felt like there was some perspective again.

And time for tea, a sit down, and a bit of a forced chill out. Talking Tables have a Phenomenal Women range, including this gorgeous soy candle, which is just fabulous. Their statement ‘we stand on the shoulders of so many phenomenal women - we thank them’ gave me the kick I needed. Standing on the shoulders of giants, no less. And if all those women can change history then I’m pretty sure I can finish cleaning the damn kitchen.”


“As someone with influence over brilliant young (phenomonal) women, the highlight of the range for me are the trivia and discussion cards. Each card features a woman of note and I’m not lying when I say I HAVE LEARNT SO MUCH. No one person can know about everything and everyone, and I genuinely appreciate these prompts to share information that really matters with the younger members of my family. Whether you have future phenomenal women of your own, or you just want to know more - I absolutely recommend having these around the house.”


“Who would we be without the amazing women who came before us? it could be your mother, grandmother, wife, or even a phenomenal women who paved the way for us. I’m partnering with Talking Tables on International Women’s Day because their history MATTERS. who would we be without these phenomenal, kickass women like Angela Davis, Mary Wollstonecraft, Jane Goodall, and Katherine Johnson? These women (AND SO MANY MORE) are featured throughout the Phenomenal Women collection. My favourite item from the whole collection? The Trivia and Discussion Game Cards! These cards are filled with SO MUCH information about these amazing women throughout history.

Also I’m giving a special shout-out to the phenomenal women in MY personal life… my mom, my best friend and cousin @chelseakowalk, and my soul sister @daniell.anastasia. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without each and every one of these amazing women…"


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