Our favourite wedding trends for 2023

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As spring draws wedding season will soon be upon us again. We’ve been pouring the spring wedding titles and pinterest to get a feel of what weddings will look like this year. I created three separate tables with unique style and colour scheme based on trend predictions in 2023. This year it’s all about bold colours, loud patterns, and ways to make your wedding more sustainable.

With this first look, I knew I wanted to create this beautiful rustic-feeling table. The combination of teal and rust is so unique and fun. This spread would be perfect for an Autumn wedding when the leaves are changing and the weather is still mild. I lined this table with some Talking Tables products from a couple different ranges that I thought complimented the colour scheme I was going for. I stuck with the bold colour theme with our bud vases, dinner candles, and candle stick holders, picking out dark red, orange, and teal. I also pulled from our Luxe range to include some gold accents in with the napkins. Overall, I think this was my favourite table.



Orange Glass Bud Vase
Orange Glass Bud Vase £10.00
Warm Coloured Spiral Candles - 4 Pack
Warm Coloured Spiral Candles - 4 Pack £21.00
Geometric Burgundy Red Glass Candlestick Holder
Geometric Burgundy Red Glass Candlestick Holder £14.00

The second look I imagined was this stunning retro table. This is where loud, mismatched colours come into play. There is a lot going on with this look but somehow it all worked perfectly together. The sight of this table is a mood boost in my opinion, it makes you want to put some fun music on and dance! The colours were absolutely stunning as well, it was just a really happy atmosphere. I stuck with pinks and oranges for this table, which thankfully TT has a lot of! I used our honeycomb decorations and pink placemats to help tie everything together, however, my favourite part of this tablescape was the recyclable pink floral paper napkins! They were perfect for the retro 70’s atmosphere I envisioned, and pairs perfectly with the sustainability trend we are seeing for weddings in 2023. 


Red, Orange & Pink Ombre Paper Honeycomb Decorations - 2 Pack
Red, Orange & Pink Ombre Paper Honeycomb Decorations - 2 Pack £12.00


Lastly, I wanted to give some inspiration to the bride that doesn’t necessarily want something bold or loud. Rather a more neutral, elegant look. I loved this table, the champagne and green accents really brought it to life, as well as the beautiful florals. I pulled from some different ranges here as well, and they all came together exquisitely.






If you're getting married let us know, and check out our inspiration page for more tablescape ideas here. 

Did you know we also offer a rental service for our best-selling glassware? No need to purchase in bulk! 

- Ava Wampler, Marketing Intern 

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