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True or False in a Tin
True or False in a Tin
True or False in a Tin
True or False in a Tin
True or False in a Tin

True or False in a Tin


About our ‘True or False game’:
There’s heaps of fun to be had testing your general knowledge with this fast-paced True or False game. Use the mini paddles to guess if statements like, ‘Lighters were invented before matches’ are true or false. Answer correctly and watch yourself climb the leader board. A game the whole family can enjoy, whether that’s at a big occasion like Christmas or just for some Friday night fun.

130 statements
4 paddles

Why we love our ‘True or False game’:
Need something to entertain guests while you whip up another pitcher of cocktails or fire up the main course, this compact game that doesn’t require leaving the table has got you covered.

Ages 10+
Players 2+

Product: reusable
Packaging: reusable



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