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Sinking City Strategy Board Game


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About this ‘Sinking City Strategy Board Game’:
Prepare to put your thinking cap on and get tactical with this Sinking City Strategy Board Game. Let us set the scene, it’s a beautiful day in sunny LA when suddenly reports on the TV and radio declare that a seismic event has occurred off the Californian coast. As the sea level rises, and the city begins to flood, strange creatures are seen swimming through the city’s streets. To make it out of the city, players will need to scavenge for supplies, craft items and use all their cunning to escape the rising waters and the creatures that lurk beneath the waves.

Why we love this ‘Sinking City Strategy Board Game’:
A fun and fast-paced board game that will have players strategising and sabotaging. Sinking City can be enjoyed all year round and is a fun new addition to play at Christmas, over the school summer holidays and cosy nights in.

Players: 2-6 or teams

Ages: 13+

Game board
Game board tiles
Instruction booklet
Item tokens
Playing pieces & bases
Quick star guide
Scavenging cards
Special scavenging cards

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Love it. Use it. Keep it. If it can't be recycled we make sure it's built to last.

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