Will's Zodiac table

Will says:

I love throwing dinner parties and around autumn I can’t resist a Halloween theme. I’ve done the usual gothic style to death (no pun intended) and wanted to throw something with a spooky and ethereal ambience but didn’t want the traditional black and orange colour scheme.

The Zodiac game was the perfect game to play with a group of good friends for an intimate evening of decadent food and fun. It also helped with the style inspiration for my intergalactic themed tablescape.

I chose dark rich colours like blue and purple with pops of gold to match the gameboard. The tablecloth was black, and I used an art deco styled table runner as a base. I’m a big fan of more is more and layered in straight and twisted dinner candles in different blue hues and decorated the table with small bud vases of purple and lilac flowers such as tulips, lilies, and blue thistles.

For food, I went for a decadent spread of figs, red grapes, charcuterie, and cheese and paired it with effervescent blue margaritas, substituting Cointreau for blue caraco to give it that interstellar hue.

Finally, I added a moon and sun lamp and string lights for stars in honour of our celestial themed board game and an extra touch of immersion.

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