ONLINE INVITES – Host Your Own – Murder Mystery On The Dancefloor

Mystery Murder


Theme: 1970s Disco

You are invited to embark on an evening of intrigue, deceit and wrongdoing at Boogieland 77.

Fashion of the time included flares and fur coats, plus platforms and velvet anything!

Think Studio 54, Saturday Night Fever and Boogie Nights.

There is a trophy to be won for the best costume!

To invite a friend via Email or Facebook, just click on the respective share button below to send the character’s details.

Anne Safone  or 
Charlie Stohn  or 
Fran C Futwerk  or 
Frieda Greez  or 
Ivor Clubbe  or 
Jackie Took  or 
John Revolting  or 
Laurie Al  or 
Mark Ititng  or 
Martina Bianci  or 
Paul Pynts  or 
Paula Royd  or 
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