ONLINE INVITES – Host Your Own – Murder Mystery at the Theatre

Mystery Murder


Theme: 1920s Art Deco era

You are invited to embark on an evening of intrigue, deceit and wrongdoing at the Full House Theatre.

Fashion of the time for ladies was flapper dresses with uneven hemlines and low-heeled button-strap shoes, along with cloche hats and lots of jewellery.

For the men it was suave 1920s suits with a smart pair of spats, a straw Panama hat or boater, round metal-framed glasses, braces, and loafers.

Think the Great Gatsby, Boardwalk Empire and House of Eliott.

There is a trophy to be won for the best costume!

To invite a friend via Email or Facebook, just click on the respective share button below to send the character’s details.

All suspects:

Annette Kord  or 
Daff O'Dyll  or 
Dusty Silver  or 
Ed Lyne  or 
Jim Nast  or 
Juan Iron  or 
Penny Pincher  or 
Phil Lee  or 
Steph O'Scope  or 
Sue Zennywon  or 
Taylor Stummi  or 
Victoria Sponge  or 
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