Jo's planet friendly table

Jo says:

Eco-taining, or planning a sustainable table as it’s more commonly known, is especially creative and rewarding and a great talking point for guests.

Here are my tips for putting one together:

Reusable items are great for a table. Items that are designed to last are often as valid as single use recyclable ones, especially if you already have them. So dust off that crockery that’s in the back of your kitchen cupboard. And glass candle holders can be brought out and used again and again.

Shop with local small businesses where possible for seasonal food and flowers. Ask where they source their produce. If in doubt there are some websites that specialise in working with British grown flowers, why not try

Ditch the plastic. Our napkins are home recyclable and come in card packaging. Some are home compostable too. Plus we’re offsetting them with tree planting.

Charity finds like this tablecloth are a great option. Charity shops give products a new lease of life while also fund raising for great causes. And it works both ways. If you’ve exhausted the use of your after dinner game – one of our FSC* accredited ones of course – why not take it to your local charity shop so it can be enjoyed by someone else.

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