Jordana's Beach Hut Table

This fun beach hut table was set up by Jordana, using a mixture of Talking Tables’ pastel coloured products from across different collections.

Jordana chose to use a pastel colour theme to fit in with he cutely coloured beach huts along the seafront in Bournemouth as well as tie in with shades of summer and ice cream season.

Jordanna laid the table with a mixture of pastel plates, pastel napkins, wooden cuterly and raffia place mats. She used real shells to decorate and use as weights to keep the napkins held down in the summer breeze. The pretty and pastel tea party food and colourful cups equally matched the aesthetic and pops of these colours matched the soft shades of the surroundings.

An outdoor rug was used under the table and Jordanna hung honeycomb decorations and fabric bunting around the doorway and railings as extra touches to the fun table set up. Of course the apple and pineapple ice buckets made an appearance as what better way to keep the drinks cool on a hot summers day than to use a stylish shaped and gold ice bucket.

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