Giving Back

In 2021, we aim to give back £15,000 of our profits to charity.
At Talking Tables, our community and environment matter to us. With this in mind, we plan to partner with charities who share our values and offer our support by giving back.

How are we giving back?

- We are supporting charities that align with our values
- We are encouraging our team to offer a helping hand in the community
- We are committed to sustainable practices and protecting the environment
Take a look at what we are doing internally:

Free Candle for Everyone
There is a candle for everyone

We know that not everyone is as fortunate as us and for some this means that a candle is a cost that they simply can’t afford when it comes to a birthday. We’re here to ensure that everyone gets the chance to blow out a candle and make that magical birthday wish – no matter their age or income.

Do you know someone who deserves a little act of kindness? Nominate someone that should be celebrated, and we will send them a FREE 'Happy Birthday' candle to brighten up their day.

Click here to nominate that special someone

Our Eco Journey

From our raw materials to our packaging, we’re committed to making everything we sell as green as possible:

- We have brought the world's first recyclable paper cup to market
- We are on a journey to eliminate plastic from all products and packaging
- We are introducing textiles to our ranges for longer lasting products that can be enjoyed time after time

We’re helping you to plan green gatherings with love for the planet.

Helping our team give back to causes that are important to them

The people at Talking Tables are motivated to help.

This is why we offer two additional giving back days a year to encourage our staff to take an active role in supporting charities close to their hearts through volunteering and community organisations.

Donating our product

We care about our community and know that not everyone is as fortunate as us.

With this is mind, we are keen to be kind and donate some of our beautiful products to those who need it most by offering our excess stock to your charitable cause.

Don’t be afraid to ask us for a helping hand, get in touch to see how we support your cause!

We'd love to help support your cause, click here to get in touch!

happy kids

Explore the wonderful ways in which we support our charities:

The National Garden Scheme

The National Garden Scheme supports some of the UK's best-loved nursing and health care charities.

Talking Tables have created four tea party kits to inspire you to host bright, beautiful tea parties in gardens big and small. From now until 30 September 2021, we'll donate 5% of all proceeds from these kits and selected ranges to the National Garden Scheme’s charity collection.

So dust off your teapot, gather your friends and cut the cake for this amazing cause.

Check Out National Garden Scheme

Ocean Conservation

Ocean Generation’s mission is to tackle threats to our oceans through science and storytelling.

Talking Tables’ Product Developer Lauren has made it a priority to reduce plastic wherever possible, both at work and at home. With that in mind, Talking Tables has designed a plastic free range of fish inspired children‘s games to raise awareness and protect our planet. Thanks to Lauren, a percentage of sales will be donated to help Ocean Generation achieve their mission.

What are you waiting for? Dive in and learn something new.

Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast help ensure children at risk of hunger receive a healthy breakfast before school, giving disadvantaged children the fuel they need to learn.

Last year Talking Tables launched a competition inviting children to create their own, unique napkin design. We committed to donating all proceeds of the winning napkin to this wonderful charity, in order to play our part in supporting the children of our community.

Dig into your lunch and discover the final design.

Check Out Magic Breafast

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