Clare's Moroccan Souk table

Clare says:

Even though the warmer weather had been slow to materialise this year, I felt in need of a sunny theme for hosting. I felt we all wanted to pretend we were actually in the middle of sunnier times, perhaps reminding us of being in Greece or by the med. The Souk range does this perfectly – the blue tile pattern on the napkin immediately transports me to the patterned buildings and the rich blue pottery that I saw in Marrakech. The same pattern on the runner takes one’s eye all along the table and almost connects us all around it. Candlelight easily added some further evocation of warm nights and those chilled glasses of white wine I associate with balmy, relaxed holiday evenings. It was rather fun to hang the solar lanterns on the branches to take the mood out into the garden (indeed I have kept them hanging up).

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