Clare's Autumn Table

Clare says:

A group of us from work all live close together – the SW17 bunch – and I thought it might be nice to have a little soiree of colleagues and their partners. It was after work, mid-week, so nothing could be too over the top. The lead inspiration came from the gorgeous colours of dahlia heads which offer up such wonder each autumn. I confess my own efforts to grow them were not very successful this year, so we sourced them locally instead. With these warm hues in place, I added some of Talking Tables floral paper napkins; candle sticks and candles. I always have our own Talking Tables matches to hand and that is the moment when you know the evening is beginning – with a small puff of smoke the candles are lit! Everyone was kind enough to bring a course, so with some bubbles, wine and chatter, we enjoyed our autumnal evening.

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