Amy's horse racing table

I never need an excuse to throw a get together, but if you do, I highly recommend hosting a Horse Racing games night.

I love the originality and inclusivity of this game, which combines a mix of racing and betting, with some chance thrown in for good measure. The game brought out the competitive streak in my guests - the room quickly increased in volume once the races started and money was dealt out!

As several races are played in one game, it is impossible to predict the winner – this means the excitement and tension builds until the very last roll of the dice. The game can be played individually or in teams, so it’s a great choice no matter how big or small your gathering is.

Being so beautifully bright, the contents of the game were the stars of the show, but there’s no reason you can’t complement the table with gold napkins or a table runner. I also love the contemporary pattern on the box, which has made a home for itself on my bookshelf.

This was a memorable night full of laughs and (healthy) rivalry with friends. As my saying goes - if you can’t make it to the races, why not bring the races to you!

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Mistletoe Gold Bead LED String Lights - 3m
Mistletoe Gold Bead LED String Lights - 3m
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