Pong Party

Prosecco Pong is the perfect drinking game for a friend's night out, hen party and the classy alternative to Beer Pong. Buy Talking Tables Prosecco Pong & more at our Prosecco Party Range. 

Who doesn't love a flute or five of Prosecco? This increasingly popular Italian sparkling wine has been making us merry for several years now. This has led us to put our creative party planning caps on, and come up with a variety of ways to help you celebrate with this light, fruity, refreshing beverage. We've got you covered for opening bottles, serving drinks, laying tables, and decorating your rooms with a sparkling Prosecco theme. Why not try one of our glamorous door curtains, and let your guests walk into a room glowing with shimmering fun and frolics aplenty at your next big event?

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