Talking Tables Introduces The Volunteering Scheme

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We have launched an exciting new scheme – the Talking Tables Volunteering Scheme. Each team member will now have the opportunity to volunteer for 2 working days, for a charity or causes they believe they can benefit. They can be individually or as groups and lots of great ideas have already been discussed! Many people would like to help local causes, from helping clean Clapham Common, supporting local care homes and food banks or working with animal shelters.

As each person or group takes on their volunteering day/s we’ll be documenting them here as a great way to reflect on the scheme, and perhaps inspire others to give back too.


'To kick off our volunteering I chose Friends of Montpellier Bandstand and Gardens or FOMBAG. We regularly walk through the Gardens on our way into town and my husband Andy shows his Art at the Gardens Gallery


I chose this group as I am a keen gardener and hate litter – there is a big issue with litter and broken glass in the gardens – which is also used by young families - as there is a small play area.

Fombag work alongside the local Council to maintain the gardens and pick up litter – we spent the morning, weeding and planting up the Bandstand area. The guys from the café even brought us free coffees.'


I thought I would share some photos etc of my recent experience volunteering at Latitude festival, it was a great opportunity and excellent way to take part in the Talking Tables Volunteering Scheme.

I went to the festival as a volunteer for the charity Woodcraft

Woodcraft is an organisation similar to the Scouts or Brownies, they put on activities and clubs for young children.

This year was my 5th time volunteering at Latitude, I ran 3 felting sessions in the kids area which was lots of fun. I even got to teach Jo Whiley and her daughter how to make felt, I wish i’d asked for a photo!


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