Tablescaping with Rosanna Falconer

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Last week the marketing team attended a tablescaping workshop hosted by the lovely Rosanna Falconer. Rosanna has built up her following and work around tablescaping and table design and is fast becoming a well-known figure in the hosting space. She has collaborated with an array of exciting brands and recently been featured in Red magazine.

It was great to chat to Rosanna as we have collaborated with her in the past and she has featured our products in many of her Instagram posts.

The workshop was really engaging – we learnt lots of tips and tricks on setting the table and arranging flowers. She put a lot of emphasis on using items that are reusable and flowers that are in season as she is also mindful of sustainability.  

3 of our top takeaways from the workshop, that we shall be applying to our own tables are:

- Make it personal. Creating a bespoke menu or place name card adds such a personal touch and elevates the event, making it something guests take away with them and remember.

- Add movement into the table by using wispy foliage at differing heights or different sized candles. Keeping everything uniform makes it feel more formal which isn't ideal for intimate dinners with friends and family. 

- If you can, prep the food beforehand or choose something that doesn't require you to be away from your guests for too long. Spending time with them is the main aim and most important part of the evening!

We were pleased to learn that 100% of the proceeds from the event were donated to a local cancer charity.

We look forward to going to the next event, and trying out some of Rosanna's tips for our upcoming shoots. 

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