Mentoring Matters: Meet Amber

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As we continue our drive to mentor and inspire the younger generation we have been joined by Amber for a few months, who is interning with the marketing team. After a month of getting stuck in (and being amazing!) we asked Amber how she was getting on:

Amber, tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m an Illustration student at UAL , Camberwell. My course is quite broad which suits me - as I love working on a variety of different kind of projects, including illustration, graphic design, animation and 3D. Before my final year I chose to complete a sandwich year to experience working in different creative industries.

I’d love someday to work in connection with the creative side of Film/TV, however I’d like to still maintain a freelance illustration practice on the side. Hopefully this year will help to better clarify which path I’d like to follow after graduation.

How have you found your time so far at Talking Tables?

I’ve really enjoyed my time at TT so far! Miriam and Milly, who I’ve been working most closely with, are kind, patient and very knowledgeable. They and the wider team as a whole have made me feel very welcome. It feels as though I’ve done so much in just one month.

What have you found to be the most interesting area/s of working with the marketing team?

Something I really enjoyed was being given the task of coming up with a photoshoot idea for the Bright Trees napkin. I found each stage really interesting; from coming up with a concept for the shoot, to pairing the napkins with other TT products and then helping to set everything up. The results were even better than I’d imagined and I’m grateful for being given that opportunity!

Has anything surprised you, or is it what you expected?

I was (pleasantly!) surprised by the amount of creative freedom I was given on different tasks. It was amazing to be trusted with conceptualising a photoshoot myself. Similarly, with the content I created for social media, I was given space to play around with different visuals and animations and generally be creative.

I was also surprised by how interconnected the office feels. There are always different social events or workshops in the calendar. Plus, staff are often called upon to take part in photoshoots and promotional videos. This helps prevent the different departments from feeling too separate, as the whole team get to mix a lot which is always fun.

What are you most looking forward to over the next couple of months here?

I’m about to start working on a couple of Christmas stop-motion video projects which I’m really excited about. There are some new photoshoots coming up in different venues which will be fun to help out with too. I’m also simply looking forward to spending more time with everyone here and learning as much as I can. Not forgetting the Christmas party of course!

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