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This summer we've been pleased to offer several young people internships across the business, and as usual each of them has quickly felt like part of the Talking Tables family, and we don't want them to leave! Renee Picciani joined the marketing team all the way from Australia, and has been a brilliant asset to the team, getting stuck in to projects across social media, influencer marketing, SEO and creative content. We asked Renee about her time at Talking Tables, and what's coming up next...

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you found out about Talking Tables? 

I am a 4th year student completing a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. As a recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s academic scholarship and member of the Excellence Academy, I was provided funding to expand my study overseas. This late in my degree I decided that an overseas internship would be the best experience to prepare me for my upcoming graduation and entry into the full-time workforce. The Intern Group is a company partnered with my university that organises international internships for students wanting work experience abroad. Throughout my application with The Intern Group, they matched me with Talking Tables whereby I had an interview with my manager and decided that it would be the perfect fit. This internship with Talking Tables will replace an elective subject that I would have otherwise completed as part of my degree at home.

How long will you be with us, and in the UK?

I will travel around Europe and the UK for a total of nine weeks, however my internship with Talking Tables is six weeks in duration. In this time, I have travelled to France, Switzerland, Italy (twice), Germany, The Netherlands (also twice) and Denmark. When you travel all the way to the other side of the world, you want to try and see as much as you can!

What were your main aims to achieve through this internship? 

I came here with the purpose of gaining an international perspective of a UK based company. At home I work in influencer marketing for a start-up marketing agency, so I wanted to further my current understanding of the marketing landscape and learn from a company with different strategies and processes. I also made a conscious effort to pay attention to all aspects of the business to observe how a well-established, wholesale company works on a macro scale. My managing team gave me the agency to learn skills from different departments such as business intelligence, product development, ecommerce, account management and of course, marketing. This allowed me to piece together how the company works collaboratively and cohesively. New friends from different countries are always a bonus to go home with. The welcoming team and strong internship program at Talking Tables meant that I was able to develop relationships and network on an international level. So, if anyone from Talking Tables find themselves in Melbourne, the coffee is on me!

Does the internship help with your future career plans? 

Definitely! There is a lot of value in graduating university with experience in the workplace. It helps to solidify theories you learn in class to real-life application and be better informed about what graduation roles to apply for. Experience overseas is even more valuable. It helps you step outside your comfort zone, make international connections, learn from a different perspective and create unforgettable memories.

Has anything surprised you about Talking Tables? 

Everyone has been so welcoming. Walking into an office on the other side of the world can be very daunting, but not once did I feel like an outsider. From day one, the Talking Tables family welcomed me in with open arms and supported me however I needed. Whether it be someone taking me through their role in the company, giving me travel suggestions for popular European locations or advice about sharing a flat in London, the team always had an answer for me.

Has anything surprised you about London?

London quickly became one of my favourite cities in the world after a couple of days of exploring what it has to offer. I knew it was close to the rest of Europe, but I underestimated exactly how easy it is to travel internationally for a weekend. It’s like flying domestically around Australia. It takes the same amount of time to fly from London to Florence as it does from Melbourne to Brisbane. I made sure to take advantage of that!

What is your favourite Talking Tables product?

I absolutely love the Everyone’s Welcome range. It reminds me of celebrating a summer birthday in the park with a typical Australian style barbeque to accompany it. My plate would consist of a BBQ snag in bread with onions and tomato sauce, a honey joy, and of course some fairy bread. The Everyone’s Welcome range just seems like a party favourite!

We'll miss Renee when she goes off on her travels, but wish her the best of luck and a big thank you for all her amazing work. 

If you're interested in joining us as part of an internship head over to our Linkedin for opportunities or email 

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