How To Create Colourful Balloon Arch

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It’s easy to make someone feel special on their birthday with one of our fantastic new balloon arches! Available in bright or pastel  rainbow colours.

Pastel Balloon Arch

Where to get the balloon kit for my arch?

  • Our Balloon Kits can be found here and these kits don't require helium.

How do I assemble the balloon arch?

Follow these very simple steps:

  1. Unpack the content of the balloon kit and you will find a variety of coloured balloons in two sizes, balloon tape, paper ribbon and glue dots.
  2. Inflate all the balloons and tie ends securely. HINT - Do not over-inflate the balloons, they should be round in shape and not elongated.
  3. Fill the balloon tape with the larger balloons first by pushing the knot through the larger hole and pulling it down into the smaller hole to secure.
  4. Fill any gaps with the smaller balloons using the glue dots provided. We recommend adding these once it's in place. Use masking tape to then hang in desired location.


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