Host Your Own Festival - Michael G Moore

We are delighted to have Michael G Moore playing for us on Instagram Live Stream as part of our TT Host Your Own Festival. Watch his live set streamed on 27th June at 4pm. 

Michael G Moore is a London based songwriter. Known for epically long sets and 1000 songs he has been the go to entertainer in London’s celebrity party and award scene. 

A multi instrumentalist surrounding an Elton John style thumping piano and a vicious kick pedal on his left foot, he has a powerful carousing voice writing songs that rock and cry, propelling you out at night and carrying you home again. 


What is your music background? Why do you love music and what’s your favourite style of music to play? How have you been entertaining people during lock down?  

I’ve come from a musical family with mum as a local folk singer in the south west. I self taught myself the piano and went out into London’s pub and club scene looking for the rock ‘n’roll lifestyle and built a reputation for long sets and drunken singalongs.


Music feels like home to me and has always been my solace. I'd play for hours to myself way before it became something I earned money from. I love it like family.


I’ve never been very cultured musically, so Oasis, Beatles and all the pop stuff has always appealed. Playing everything I can hear has meant I can have a go at playing any song I and other people like. My favourite music to play is always the song that creates the biggest reaction in the room, whether that be a well known tune like Mr Brightside or the latest buzzy pop tune.


During lockdown I’ve done weekend sets on Instagram and later on zoom.

Starting at home, the neighbours complained so I moved to a studio and played into the night. Adding a tips jar has meant it been a way of earning extra money whilst all live music and events have stopped.

It’s definitely a weird experience playing to an empty room and yet having people watch from all over the world.


What is your favourite music festival memory?

My first festival (Bestival 2008) was my favourite experience. I played it with the band I’d formed with my brother and school mate. Wild, fun and hard work.


What music festival would you love to play at?

Glastonbury! For the week it’s on it feels like the centre of the world. 


How would you re-create a music festival at home?

For a home festival I’d have lights, loud music, food, alcohol late night and outdoor living. I guess tents, but might end up escaping to my real bed.


We can't wait for Michael's live set! Don;t forget to join us and Host Your Own music festival! 


To find out more about Michael, check out his website here: 

or Instagram:

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