How to decorate for Halloween

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Does anyone else feel like this year has absolutely flown by? Before we know it those jingle bells will be playing and we'll be ringing in the new year. Before that however we have everyone's favourite spooky celebration, Halloween. Our Halloween collection has expanded and we're excited to introduce some fun new additions to your Halloween parties. 


What are traditional Halloween decorations?

Halloween celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. Often people will choose specific Halloween themes for their party, such as picking a favourite horror movie. At Talking Tables we like the traditional Halloween decorations and characters, perfect for any spooky celebration – like scary skeletons, plump orange pumpkins and black bats. We created our Halloween collection so that it works well for parties both inside the house, as well as decorating the outside for all to see. Have a look at our cups, plates and napkins for entertaining, and our hanging skeletons and honeycomb pumpkins that are perfect for porches.

Whilst orange and black are certainly traditional Halloween colours, we also wanted to add a splash of contrasting colour, like bright pinks and blues, so your party stands out from the rest.

When can Halloween decorations go up?

‘Spooky season’ starts at varying times for different people in different parts of the world. The die-hard Halloween fans may say it’s time to bring out the decorations en masse as soon as October 1st rolls around. For many people though mid-October is typically when we start to see flickering pumpkins on doorsteps and witches in windows. We’d suggest you don’t go knocking on doors for sweets until Halloween week!

How long can Halloween decorations stay up?

You all know those neighbours who keep their Christmas trees twinkling into February, and we all roll our eyes at them. So don’t be that neighbour who keeps their Halloween decorations up for weeks after Halloween is over. The great thing about our collection is that you can put so many of the decorations away to bring out and use the following year.

How to make Halloween decorations out of paper?

For those crafty creatives out there there are some great ways to make decorations yourselves out of paper, and a lot of brilliant channels that can help you do it. Check out HGTV handmade on youtube. For many of us, however, we’d prefer to find eco-friendly and recyclable decorations that are ready-made and easy to put up, and that can be reused the following year. We have to give a special shout out to our hanging paper skeletons, and NEW for this year – our hanging skeleton dog and cat. For those not keen on scooping out pumpkin insides we also have out paper pumpkins, which add a pop of colour to the party.


Halloween Skeleton Cat & Dog Paper Hanging Decorations - 2 Pack
Halloween Skeleton Cat & Dog Paper Hanging Decorations - 2 Pack £12.00
Halloween Yellow Ombre Pumpkin Shaped Candle
Halloween Yellow Ombre Pumpkin Shaped Candle £12.00
Pumpkin Halloween Garland - 3m
Pumpkin Halloween Garland - 3m £10.00








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