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My love for gatherings has gone global! On a recent trip to Singapore I was lucky enough to be a guest of Relish.Sg.

I had a very lovely evening with Chris, Rose and their daughter Aleia. They run a small style intimate Supper Club in their private home via Airbnb for travellers and also bigger themed party evenings for a more local guest list.  Chris and Rose are very warm hosts who share a passion for bringing people together over food and music.

RELISH.SG Supper club featured on talking tables blog post

Rose’s mother made a fuss of her on her birthday with parties when she was little and her Mum was a party giver in her own right. This may have encouraged her to play host now. Indeed, Rose and Chris are inspiring a movement “My Home, Your Home”. She and Chris invite those who may not have access to a party; this might be disabled guests who mingle as equals with their carers and Rose and Chris’s own friends. Chris and Rose want everyone to have an equal seat at the table. It is sometimes a gathering for children who don’t readily have access to a party. Chris provides wonderful tasty food and Rose creates a happy environment with dancing and games. Chris is a very talented musician: Aleia and Rose love to dance, so music and dancing is at the heart of every occasion! supper club hosts as featured on talking tables blog

Rose hopes that more people will join in and turn the idea into a movement. “Anyone can invite even just two or three people into their own home and share food and a conversation with them,” she said, adding that she also offers advice to those who are interested in hosting similar dinners. “I hope that people can be open and see that everyone is worth their time.” Her motto is Relish Life.

Their home is welcoming with many very rare artefacts collected by Chris, including tea pots for Chinese tea ceremonies, antique incense burners and many buddhas. These items in themselves have played a role in setting the theatre for a meal.

What’s the key to creating a special gathering?

Creating a welcoming environment in which the buddhas work at a subliminal level to help us to relax and be at peace. Rose will make a prayer during the day.

Rose has pleasure in dressing a table and expressing herself through use of colour and quirky, mis-matched combinations of chairs and crockery. For the supper I joined the table was spread with a purple toned Indonesian print fabric cloth.

Chris is a fabulous chef, using his skills learned from his family with a Malay and Chinese heritage. The food tasted delicious! singapore supper club

Who would be your ideal guests?

Chris: William Shakespeare, musician Zakir Hussain and poet Ted Hughes

Rose: Prince, who would sing three songs to which Rose would dance; plus Madonna, who could join in and also Michael Jackson.

Thank you to Chris and Rose for a wonderful evening!

To learn more about what they're doing, you can find them here or here

I look forward to sharing my next Supper Club with you soon.


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