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With fun gatherings comes great food and drinks and if you've followed along with us for a while you'll know we love to put on a spread with all of our tablescapes for any occasion. We've hugely enjoyed connecting and collaborating with brilliant food and beverage brands, including some fellow BCorps, and this month (on our BCorp anniversary) we're excited to be working with Noughty Wine

Amanda Thomson, CEO and Founder of B Corp Certified Thomson & Scott, was voted one of Business Insider’s Coolest People in Food & Drink 2019. Leading the global shift to alcohol-free drinking, Thomson recently launched game-changing Noughty - the first top quality alcohol-free, organic, vegan, halal, low sugar sparkling.

We asked Amanda to enlighten us on all things Noughty Wine...

We love the Noughty ethos. What was it that first inspired you to create the brand?

I am a big Champagne fan and was used to being handed glasses of delicious Champagne at many of the events and premieres I covered during my time as a BBC broadcaster. When I wanted a night off, I couldn’t find a quality non-alcoholic sparkling wine anywhere. So I decided to create my own and Noughty was born.

As a fellow B Corp, was it important to you to get that certification?

Business has to recognise that it is not exempt from the responsibility its impact makes on the environment. If private citizens are asked to recycle and be more mindful of our fragile environment then industry and commerce most certainly should. B Corp is a great way of giving recognition to those businesses who want to make positive changes and put purpose alongside profit.

Are you seeing any key trends emerging in the wine and/or alcohol-free drinks industry?

Consumers are far more aware of what is going into their food and drinks than they were say 10 years or more ago. I think it’s interesting to see certain sectors of the global drinks industry making moves to meet their demands but equally interesting and disappointing to see the wine industry being slow to change. I hope our efforts and the noise we’re making around highlighting both the health benefits to balance our alcohol intake and also the impact our industry has on the environment, will go some way to seeing changes happen for the better across the winemaking industry.

Our brands are both ingrained in bringing people together for good times - Tell us about your favourite kind of gathering. What does that look like?

It usually involves great food, great company and a gorgeous location. I always want guests at any event to feel included and that’s why Noughty for me helps those not drinking alcohol to stay at the centre of any celebration without being questioned or being made to feel like a second class invitee.

If there was one Noughty product you think everyone should try, which one would you pick and why?

Our new Provence-style Rosé is the bottle I want to see sitting in everyone’s fridge as the go-to midweek glass when you get home from work or friends pop by. We all have those bottles - I just want consumers to get used to switch out alcohol for non-alcoholic without blinking.

What is next for Noughty / Thomson & Scott?

We’re currently blowing up in the US. I’m hoping before long we’ll become the household name from coast to coast, synonymous with top quality non-alcoholic wine.

 Check out Noughty Wine here and keep an eye out for our joint giveaway which will go live on our Instagram next week! 

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