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March is B Corp month, and here at Talking Tables we’re kicking off the month’s celebrations by launching a pledge to help put an end to social isolation.

We believe in the positive benefits of coming together and celebrating an occasion - however big or small. But we recognise that not everyone has the same opportunity to do so.

That’s why this year we’re making a commitment to donate a product for each and every order made on our website to a community gathering.

Hosting feels even better when you know it’s giving back. When you choose Talking Tables you know you are spreading good vibes to your table and beyond.

We want everyone, including the elderly, socially disadvantaged, and vulnerable to join in the fun.

This means every time you have a party – someone else gets to celebrate too.

Talking Tables animal party bags

What does it mean to be a B Corp?

B Corporation is a global movement of businesses committed to doing good for people and the planet.

B Corp certification means a business has undergone a rigorous process to verify and improve its practices across five key categories: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.

Talking Tables became B Corp certified in 2022 and we take our commitments as a B Corp very seriously.

    How does Talking Tables give back?

    As part of our B Corp status, we have committed to a programme of civic engagement and charitable giving to communities local to us and around the UK.

    We see community as one of the central pillars of our business, which is why we host regular events for the elderly local community at our headquarters in south west London.

    A tea party with Talking Tables staff handing out cake to older people

    Talking Tables staff serving cake at our recent Tea at TT Valentine's Event.

    We also have longstanding commitments to a number of national charities who work on bringing people together.

    With our new pledge you can join in with giving back, extending the joys of gatherings to more people.

    Going Beyond

    Go Beyond is one of the charities we work with and who you’ll be helping by shopping with us.

    Go Beyond, works with disadvantaged children. The young people they help often care for sick parents. They frequently worry about where their next meal will come from; fall behind at school and struggle to make friends; they hide in their bedroom, afraid to come out.

    In short, they are children who don’t really have a childhood. 

    Without supporters, these children would never get a break, never get a chance to explore the great outdoors, go on adventures, enjoy a party around a table with new friends or toast marshmallows by the fireside together.

    Go Beyond puts magic into their lives, through simple, traditional holidays at one of two centres in the UK - with no screens and lots of time spent outdoors. 

    A girl running outside

    One of the children enjoying her Go Beyond holiday.

    Over the past 30 years, Go Beyond has given over 19,000 vulnerable children breaks – helping almost 1,000 children last year alone.

    For one week, they pack their troubles away and discover a life that’s full of fun, laughter, imagination, new skills and confidence. When it’s all over, they go home with memories that last a lifetime. 

    Talking Tables has partnered with the charity donating items to use at their children’s parties.

    Making a difference

    With the help of our community engagement lead, Julie Hukins, we soon realised parties at the two Go Beyond sites, in Cornwall and the Peak District, would benefit from Talking Tables party tableware. 

    The charity agreed it would increase the sense of occasion, décor and fun for the children – adding a splash of colour and making the events truly memorable.

    A party table set up

    One of Go Beyond's children's parties, decked out with Talking Tables partyware.

    In addition, we’ve donated items such as jigsaw puzzles and children’s games for any rainy days at the camps. All of which were well received and helped make that difference to the kids’ stay.

    Recently, Julie caught up with Vanessa Fairfax-Woods from Go Beyond in a conversation, and asked her to explain what was so special about the charity…

    “It’s a simple concept," says Vanessa. "Children have the opportunity to be away from their day-to-day struggles and it has an immediate positive impact on them. On day one you can see it is making a marked difference.

    “You can see how resilient they are - even though they shouldn’t have to be at their young age - and how grateful they are for the tiniest things.

    “It could be a karaoke evening, having their hair braided or just having one-on-one time with an adult that makes a difference. You can see how vulnerable children, who have had horrible experiences, appreciate the smallest gestures.”

    When Julie asked what was most needed at the charity, Vanessa had only one response: “Regular giving!”

    “We were bowled over by one-off donations following last year’s press coverage in the Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph - and we are so grateful.

      “In order to plan and support children each month though, we need to be able to forecast funding and the number of children we can support. Whether people can give £5 or £100 per month, it really helps.

      “A great way to give is through 'Payroll Giving'," adds Vanessa. "It’s a way of giving money to charity without paying tax on it. It must be paid through PAYE from someone’s wages or pension. 

      “If you’re interested, ask your Accounts Department to sign up on the government website and nominate Go Beyond.”

      Overhead image of kids lying down in a circle

      Children relaxing at Go Beyond.

      In 2024, with your help, we will continue the relationship with Go Beyond to help disadvantaged and underprivileged children. 

      Over the next month alone, we anticipate donating items to the charity to help around 200 young people and their helpers get together to celebrate Easter in style.

      Go Beyond is just one in a number of amazing community organisations we support and just by making purchases for your own celebrations, you can help us ensure even more people have an eggcellent time this Easter… and beyond.

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