Host Your Own Pub Quiz Game Kit - Talking Tables UK
Host Your Own Pub Quiz
host your own pub quiz 1 - Talking Tables
Host Your Own Pub Quiz
host your own pub quiz 1 - Talking Tables
host your own pub quiz 1 - Talking Tables
host your own pub quiz 1 - Talking Tables
host your own pub quiz 1 - Talking Tables
Host Your Own Pub Quiz

Host Your Own Pub Quiz



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Host Your Own Pub Quiz
About this 'Pub Quiz Game’:
Recreate the competitive atmosphere of the local pub and host a pub quiz from the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to play gathered around the dinner table or lounging in the living room, this quiz game is perfect for a family games night or to play with friends. With 1000 challenging trivia questions on subjects including sport, movies, history, science and literature, this quiz game is guaranteed to test your trivia knowledge and bring out your competitive streak!

Contents includes:
100x Quiz Cards, 6x Joker Cards, 1x Answer Pad, 1 x Rules of Play, 1x Scoreboard Poster, 1x Chalk and a Card Trophy

Recommended for age 16+ and 2+ players.

How to play this 'Pub Quiz Game’:
Prepare to play by handing out an answer sheet to each team and hanging up the scoreboard for all players to see. Elect a pub quiz host to read out the 10 quiz questions on a specific subject, then confer with your team before writing your answer on the answer sheet. At the end of each round, mark your answers and update the scoreboard to see which team is pulling ahead! We've even included a card trophy to award to the winning team of trivia geniuses and encourage some friendly rivalry. Also playable via video call or Zoom for friends and family members further away.

Who to enjoy this 'Pub Quiz Game’ with:
Turn off the tech and choose you team carefully to score the most points. With a whole range of quiz questions there's a round to match everyone strengths, old or young. The perfect addition to a dinner party with friends, family games night, a Christmas present or Father's Day gift.



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