Free Candle for Everyone

There's a Candle For Everyone

Brighten someone’s birthday with a candle to celebrate

We believe that everyone deserves to gather together for one reason or another, but especially on their birthday. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or a local support group, everyone deserves that heartwarming feeling of blowing out a candle and making a birthday wish.

A candle is a cost that some people can’t afford, but a candle for a cause can make all the difference.

If you know someone who has a birthday coming up, be that a less fortunate friend or an unsung hero In your local community; tell us a little bit about why they should be celebrated, and we will send them a FREE ‘Happy Birthday’ candle to brighten up their day.

Have someone in mind? Nominate that special someone to receive a candle from us, fill in the form here and one of our very own helping hands will pack and post your candle with care.

Birthday Candle

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