Carry On Celebrating

Carry on Celebrating with ZOOM Parties
Isolation at home is not a reason to be apart from your family and friends. A birthday is a perfect occasion to join together, and with the wonders of technology, you can do it virtually. Just set at an agreed time; send an e-invitation to host a virtual gathering that will create long lasting memories.
TT Top Tips:
  • We find that the APP Zoom works well. It is free to use (see online guidance)
  • Arrange practise runs for those who are new to ZOOM. Clare’s Mum who is 93 got there within 5 mins – not bad!
  • Ready to Party: agree the date and time, and email an e-invite.
  • Send a ZOOM link to the invitees.
  • Now the fun bit: be camera ready!
  • Create a back drop of balloons, streamers and banners
  • Wear a headband, tiara or even a silly hat.
  • Have a nice tall cake with elaborate candles.
  • If you feel like getting fancy:
  • Set a crazy dress code
  • Arrange that everyone has a pizza to “share”
  • Arrange a quiz that is themed to the birthday VIP’s age or hobbies.
  • Load the cups and glasses for a virtual toast!
Good luck with your Zoom Party. Carry on Celebrating!
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